Gamer tag Mains Self assessment XP W/L
lucas icon king_dedede icon
Noob A little -
Major Tom
greninja icon lucas icon
Intermediate A large amount -
rob icon steve icon
Intermediate A lot -
ness icon
Advanced A lot -
Big Fish | Blobavou
yoshi icon
Doing okay Some -
yoshi icon wii_fit_trainer icon
Intermediate Some -
Second Wind | Chakkie
wii_fit_trainer icon
Doing okay Some -
TSS | Imzon
cloud icon kazuya icon
Advanced A lot -
fox icon ike icon
Otherworldly A lot -
Dr Crazy
joker icon
Otherworldly Some -
MunchEsports | zacerino
rob icon king_dedede icon king_dedede icon
Doing okay Some -
Polygon | Achilles
mii_brawler icon donkey_kong icon wolf icon
Noob Some -
mega_man icon
Doing okay A lot -
RIZE | Zone
palutena icon pokemon_trainer icon
Noob A little -
NX | Benjaminamin
zelda icon
Doing okay A lot -
peach icon
Advanced A little -
palutena icon mii_brawler icon
Advanced Some -
yoshi icon yoshi icon yoshi icon
Doing okay Some -
wolf icon wolf icon wolf icon
Doing okay Some -
terry icon
Doing okay Some -
wolf icon zelda icon
Noob Some -
kazuya icon lucina icon
Advanced Some -
DC | CountCreep
wolf icon kazuya icon pyra_and_mythra icon
Beginner A little -
fox icon
Noob None -
chrom icon cloud icon fox icon
Professional A large amount -
TR | nero
marth icon
Beginner A little -
NX/Horde | Loaf
mewtwo icon
Intermediate A large amount -
ryu icon ken icon joker icon
Doing okay A little -
snake icon banjo_and_kazooie icon
Doing okay Some -
bowser icon
Intermediate Some -
Bee Doof
bowser_jr icon bowser_jr icon bowser_jr icon
Doing okay Some -
sephiroth icon diddy_kong icon ridley icon
Doing okay A lot -
palutena icon diddy_kong icon
Intermediate Some -
Big Fish | NoodleJuice
dr_mario icon
Noob A lot -
LTB | WhiskeySSBU
wii_fit_trainer icon greninja icon
Intermediate A little -
ganondorf icon ganondorf icon ganondorf icon
Intermediate A lot -
lucas icon sephiroth icon
Doing okay A lot -
mewtwo icon ridley icon sephiroth icon
Expert A lot -
joker icon
Doing okay Some -
lucina icon link icon toon_link icon
Noob None -
marth icon lucina icon pyra_and_mythra icon
Intermediate Some -
TR!? | Derpa
diddy_kong icon wolf icon roy icon
Doing okay A lot -
inkling icon joker icon
Expert A large amount -
shulk icon sora icon
Noob Some -
Horde | Allison!
pac_man icon
Intermediate A lot -
pokemon_trainer icon roy icon
Intermediate A lot -
bowser icon wolf icon samus icon
Doing okay A large amount -
daisy icon peach icon
Otherworldly Some -
CHG | Doppio!
zero_suit_samus icon steve icon
Intermediate A lot -
sephiroth icon shulk icon
Doing okay Some -
Gamer tag Region Age Gender Comment
lucas icon Gapjumper wales image Wales 26 Male
greninja icon Major Tom south_east image South East 28 Male
rob icon Vivi north_east image North East 28 Female yeah
ness icon Bez northern_ireland image Northern Ireland 32 Male
yoshi icon Big Fish | Blobavou northern_ireland image Northern Ireland 23 Male BIG FISH 🐟
yoshi icon Pyros scotland image Scotland 25 Male
wii_fit_trainer icon Second Wind | Chakkie london image London 23 Male SSBU Caster with exp. @ International level | Editor for...
cloud icon TSS | Imzon east_of_england image East of England 24 Male Owner of The Sixth Sense, member of G-Corporation, paneli...
fox icon sandal south_east image South East 22 Male watch megalo box
joker icon Dr Crazy yorkshire_and_the_humber image Yorkshire and the Humber 22 Other
rob icon MunchEsports | zacerino east_of_england image East of England Male hi
mii_brawler icon Polygon | Achilles yorkshire_and_the_humber image Yorkshire and the Humber 25 Female 18-0 vs Benched
mega_man icon Regenix north_west image North West 28 Male North West TO for the Liverpool/Manchester area. Any ques...
palutena icon RIZE | Zone london image London 26 Male The power of the sun in the palm of my hand.
zelda icon NX | Benjaminamin north_east image North East 33 Male
peach icon Gregg north_west image North West 23 Male
palutena icon sham midlands image Midlands 20 Other lol palu busted
yoshi icon powergo east_of_england image East of England 26 Male General Scales is a scalie pass it on
wolf icon Superkill south_east image South East 23 Male
terry icon saku north_west image North West Male
wolf icon Venus wales image Wales 19 Female Sometimes you just gotta sit back, relax and start shooti...
kazuya icon Brawlbox east_of_england image East of England 23 Male
wolf icon DC | CountCreep north_east image North East 32 Male
fox icon Streakz london image London The super wok deal.
chrom icon CurryGovernor north_east image North East 25 Male
marth icon TR | nero midlands image Midlands 28 Male And now, my soul, is saying it wants to STOP YOU
mewtwo icon NX/Horde | Loaf south_west image South West 25 Other bread 👍
ryu icon Jhayde wales image Wales 20 Female
snake icon LoporritFan1738 scotland image Scotland 22 Female bad sorry
bowser icon Sygnus london image London 25 Male
bowser_jr icon Bee Doof north_west image North West 31 Male
sephiroth icon Alchemy north_east image North East 19 Female I'm an up and coming NE player and commentator and I'm lo...
palutena icon connie east_of_england image East of England 19 Female
dr_mario icon Big Fish | NoodleJuice northern_ireland image Northern Ireland 25 Male Main TO for the Ulster scene in Ireland 🐟
wii_fit_trainer icon LTB | WhiskeySSBU north_west image North West 22 Male
ganondorf icon Joe south_west image South West 22 Male OK... Here we go. Focus. Speed. I am speed. One win...
lucas icon Just_Sam east_of_england image East of England 24 Male TO for inspired smash, inspired at all?
mewtwo icon Griseous south_east image South East 22 Male
joker icon Flori north_west image North West 18 Female
lucina icon MightyOwl midlands image Midlands 25 Male
marth icon Prowerrr london image London 28 Male Watch Monogatari 🫡
diddy_kong icon TR!? | Derpa south_east image South East 23 Male
inkling icon Claw midlands image Midlands 22 Male Cracked individual
shulk icon Dyna london image London 26 Male FFXIV: Dyna Zanarku Light/Zodiark
pac_man icon Horde | Allison! south_west image South West 25 Female
pokemon_trainer icon MiCroE south_east image South East 21 Male
bowser icon JWadie yorkshire_and_the_humber image Yorkshire and the Humber 33 Male
daisy icon Rahmone london image London 21 Male
zero_suit_samus icon CHG | Doppio! south_west image South West 21 Male Stream Chimphouse
sephiroth icon Grohlism scotland image Scotland 31 Male
Gamer tag Roles
lucas icon Gapjumper Player
greninja icon Major Tom Caster Player
rob icon Vivi Caster Player
ness icon Bez Player
yoshi icon Big Fish | Blobavou Player
yoshi icon Pyros Player TO
wii_fit_trainer icon Second Wind | Chakkie Caster Content creator Player Streamer
cloud icon TSS | Imzon Player Streamer Team manager TO
fox icon sandal Photographer Player
joker icon Dr Crazy Player
rob icon MunchEsports | zacerino Player Team manager
mii_brawler icon Polygon | Achilles Player
mega_man icon Regenix Player TO
palutena icon RIZE | Zone Content creator Player Streamer
zelda icon NX | Benjaminamin Designer Player TO
peach icon Gregg Player
palutena icon sham Player
yoshi icon powergo Player
wolf icon Superkill Player
terry icon saku Player
wolf icon Venus Player
kazuya icon Brawlbox Player
wolf icon DC | CountCreep Player
fox icon Streakz Player
chrom icon CurryGovernor Player Streamer TO
marth icon TR | nero Player TO
mewtwo icon NX/Horde | Loaf Player Streamer TO
ryu icon Jhayde Player
snake icon LoporritFan1738 Player
bowser icon Sygnus Player
bowser_jr icon Bee Doof Player
sephiroth icon Alchemy Caster Player
palutena icon connie Player
dr_mario icon Big Fish | NoodleJuice Player TO
wii_fit_trainer icon LTB | WhiskeySSBU Player
ganondorf icon Joe Player
lucas icon Just_Sam Player TO
mewtwo icon Griseous Player Streamer
joker icon Flori Player
lucina icon MightyOwl Player
marth icon Prowerrr Player
diddy_kong icon TR!? | Derpa Player TO
inkling icon Claw Player
shulk icon Dyna Player
pac_man icon Horde | Allison! Player TO
pokemon_trainer icon MiCroE Player
bowser icon JWadie Player
daisy icon Rahmone Designer Player Streamer
zero_suit_samus icon CHG | Doppio! Player
sephiroth icon Grohlism Player
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