Gamer tag Mains Self assessment XP W/L
Mayhem | Strongpig
king_dedede icon mii_brawler icon
Advanced A lot -
SMPR | Asura
pokemon_trainer icon cloud icon
Doing okay Some -
Oh shit it's | ShaolinSouthpaw
king_dedede icon incineroar icon
Otherworldly A large amount -
king_dedede icon kirby icon
Doing okay Some -
isabelle icon steve icon
Otherworldly A little -
THS | Mike
byleth icon
Intermediate A lot -
cloud icon terry icon terry icon
Intermediate A little -
Hawk-Eye | sab_by
captain_falcon icon wario icon
Professional Some -
cloud icon
Noob A little -
LTB | Beshmel
captain_falcon icon jigglypuff icon joker icon
Doing okay Some -
captain_falcon icon random icon
Intermediate Some -
. Beginner None -
chet hank hill
lucina icon falco icon sheik icon
Doing okay Some -
LTB | piss
bowser icon bowser_jr icon olimar icon
Otherworldly None -
donkey_kong icon
Doing okay Some -
greninja icon
Intermediate Some -
ridley icon
Intermediate A little -
mewtwo icon inkling icon robin icon
Beginner A little -
mario icon joker icon
Otherworldly A large amount -
link icon rob icon
Noob A little -
MANIA | Vyrus
pikachu icon
Doing okay Some -
byleth icon
Noob Some -
fox icon captain_falcon icon
Noob A little -
SP & OVD | Red
pokemon_trainer icon wolf icon
Intermediate Some -
Mayhem | Chiken2020
greninja icon
Intermediate Some -
corrin icon lucina icon mario icon
Intermediate A lot -
SP | Jonesy
peach icon terry icon
Doing okay Some -
little_mac icon joker icon
Intermediate A lot -
WAR | kizzo212
pokemon_trainer icon ness icon random icon
Doing okay A lot -
Horde | Sma
bowser icon lucina icon
Doing okay A large amount -
incineroar icon pyra_and_mythra icon byleth icon
Intermediate Some -
pit icon dark_pit icon bowser_jr icon
Doing okay Some -
pikachu icon pikachu icon pikachu icon
Doing okay Some -
little_mac icon little_mac icon little_mac icon
Intermediate Some - | goku02
roy icon
Doing okay Some -
rob icon
Doing okay None -
rob icon
Expert None -
shulk icon pyra_and_mythra icon falco icon
Advanced A large amount -
captain_falcon icon
Expert Some -
meta_knight icon meta_knight icon meta_knight icon
Intermediate A large amount -
CON | MaggieThatcher
lucina icon ganondorf icon greninja icon
Otherworldly A large amount -
sephiroth icon falco icon luigi icon
Intermediate Some -
byleth icon zelda icon young_link icon
Intermediate Some -
wario icon zero_suit_samus icon
Doing okay Some -
yoshi icon
Advanced Some -
TLS | Eed
incineroar icon
Intermediate Some -
falco icon
Advanced A lot -
SSM THS | Spider
joker icon king_dedede icon young_link icon
Doing okay Some -
Aura | NathanBoneCrush
joker icon diddy_kong icon kazuya icon
Intermediate A lot -
lucina icon roy icon
Otherworldly A large amount -
Gamer tag Region Age Gender Comment
king_dedede icon Mayhem | Strongpig south_east image South East 25 Male Goes well with sage stuffing
pokemon_trainer icon SMPR | Asura london image London 22 Male
king_dedede icon Oh shit it's | ShaolinSouthpaw wales image Wales 32 Male What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you litt...
king_dedede icon Eredos south_west image South West 20 Male
isabelle icon Ann north_east image North East 20 Female i have proper high gsp
byleth icon THS | Mike north_west image North West 28 Male
cloud icon Beeni scotland image Scotland 19 Male Yee I do the fighting game
captain_falcon icon Hawk-Eye | sab_by london image London 21 Male yo mama funny moments part 2
cloud icon r0uxls north_east image North East 20 Male :)
captain_falcon icon LTB | Beshmel north_east image North East 22 Male Don't Get Hit
captain_falcon icon Muramasa_NS scotland image Scotland 19 Male im a fucking baller bro
lucina icon chet hank hill north_east image North East 28 Male ass
bowser icon LTB | piss south_east image South East 19 Male i dont
donkey_kong icon Shmayd yorkshire_and_the_humber image Yorkshire and the Humber 25 Male retired kinda
greninja icon 6pool midlands image Midlands 33 Male
ridley icon Sapphire99 midlands image Midlands 23 Male Proving Ridley isn't Low Tier
mewtwo icon Ecco93 london image London 31 Male
mario icon Woodpug north_west image North West 23 Male i have never been outplayed in my life
link icon AlexOD midlands image Midlands 29 Male E
pikachu icon MANIA | Vyrus south_east image South East 27 Male
byleth icon Reol north_west image North West 24 Male retired (dead)
fox icon Misc midlands image Midlands 24 Male hup hup hyahhh
pokemon_trainer icon SP & OVD | Red yorkshire_and_the_humber image Yorkshire and the Humber 24 Male
greninja icon Mayhem | Chiken2020 south_east image South East 20 Other
corrin icon Jole east_of_england image East of England Male
peach icon SP | Jonesy yorkshire_and_the_humber image Yorkshire and the Humber 30 Male
little_mac icon Danestat scotland image Scotland 23 Other
pokemon_trainer icon WAR | kizzo212 midlands image Midlands 27 Male
bowser icon Horde | Sma east_of_england image East of England 29 Male Smash Ultimate UK commentator, streamer, and professional...
incineroar icon ChubbyMonk40 south_east image South East 21 Male
pit icon Nuvema wales image Wales 18 Female pit kid icarus. awesome.
pikachu icon Tu north_west image North West 21 Male characters broke
little_mac icon TLS | XCD south_west image South West 25 Male
roy icon | goku02 midlands image Midlands 22 Male fuck racists fuck bitches make money KAMEHAMEHA
rob icon Xobble east_of_england image East of England 20 Male
rob icon Misinput london image London 29 I don't compete, but definitely have more GSP than you :)...
shulk icon RobbieAK47 london image London 28 Male
captain_falcon icon Gigglezz south_east image South East 19 Male
meta_knight icon Cloaked south_west image South West 25 Male
lucina icon CON | MaggieThatcher scotland image Scotland Female If you ever lose to me your milk is getting snatched
sephiroth icon Megu scotland image Scotland 23 Male maks Edinburgh/Wyverns Lair TO Heriot-Watt Esports Fig...
byleth icon ChanDog north_east image North East 30 Male “Zelda sucks”
wario icon dazed south_west image South West 24 Male just a guy
yoshi icon Andi scotland image Scotland 22 Male
incineroar icon TLS | Eed south_west image South West Male
falco icon Azalea east_of_england image East of England 17 Male
joker icon SSM THS | Spider north_west image North West 26 Male Joker is not top 3
joker icon Aura | NathanBoneCrush scotland image Scotland 18 Male
lucina icon JNg north_west image North West 20 Male ded
Gamer tag Roles
king_dedede icon Mayhem | Strongpig Player
pokemon_trainer icon SMPR | Asura Caster Streamer
king_dedede icon Oh shit it's | ShaolinSouthpaw Player
king_dedede icon Eredos Player
isabelle icon Ann Player
byleth icon THS | Mike Player
cloud icon Beeni Player
captain_falcon icon Hawk-Eye | sab_by Player
cloud icon r0uxls Player
captain_falcon icon LTB | Beshmel Player
captain_falcon icon Muramasa_NS Player
lucina icon chet hank hill Player
bowser icon LTB | piss Player
donkey_kong icon Shmayd Streamer
greninja icon 6pool Player
ridley icon Sapphire99 Player Streamer
mewtwo icon Ecco93 Player
mario icon Woodpug Player TO
link icon AlexOD Player
pikachu icon MANIA | Vyrus Player TO
byleth icon Reol Coach Player
fox icon Misc Player
pokemon_trainer icon SP & OVD | Red Caster Player TO
greninja icon Mayhem | Chiken2020 Player
corrin icon Jole Player
peach icon SP | Jonesy Caster Player TO
little_mac icon Danestat Player
pokemon_trainer icon WAR | kizzo212 Community editor Player Team manager TO
bowser icon Horde | Sma Caster Content creator Player TO
incineroar icon ChubbyMonk40 Player
pit icon Nuvema Player
pikachu icon Tu Player
little_mac icon TLS | XCD Community editor Player Team manager TO
roy icon | goku02 Player
rob icon Xobble Player
rob icon Misinput Player
shulk icon RobbieAK47 Player
captain_falcon icon Gigglezz Player
meta_knight icon Cloaked Player
lucina icon CON | MaggieThatcher Player
sephiroth icon Megu Caster Player TO
byleth icon ChanDog Player
wario icon dazed Player
yoshi icon Andi Player
incineroar icon TLS | Eed Player
falco icon Azalea Player
joker icon SSM THS | Spider Caster Content creator Photographer Player Streamer TO
joker icon Aura | NathanBoneCrush Player
lucina icon JNg Player
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