Gamer tag Mains Self assessment XP W/L
lucario icon diddy_kong icon
Intermediate A lot -
Iona Rose
bayonetta icon sora icon kazuya icon
Intermediate Some -
sephiroth icon
Noob None -
mario icon corrin icon palutena icon
Beginner None -
Cruella de Vil!?
ganondorf icon zelda icon byleth icon
Intermediate Some -
kirby icon incineroar icon
Doing okay Some -
Mayhem | casual
jigglypuff icon
Noob Some -
. Beginner None -
snake icon cloud icon random icon
Intermediate None -
luigi icon
Doing okay Some -
chrom icon
Advanced None -
fox icon zero_suit_samus icon diddy_kong icon
Doing okay A little -
fox icon
Noob None -
pichu icon donkey_kong icon young_link icon
Beginner None -
rob icon
Expert None -
VONC | ExKirby
mii_gunner icon kirby icon mii_gunner icon
Doing okay A lot -
steve icon hero icon wii_fit_trainer icon
Noob None -
pit icon pokemon_trainer icon joker icon
Intermediate A little -
link icon piranha_plant icon joker icon
Doing okay None -
WRD | Frostbite
king_k_rool icon rob icon hero icon
Intermediate None -
OAT | nay
lucas icon pokemon_trainer icon
Beginner None -
young_link icon
Otherworldly A large amount -
bowser icon king_k_rool icon lucas icon
Doing okay None -
bayonetta icon
Beginner None -
zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Beginner None -
bayonetta icon mr_game_and_watch icon rob icon
Intermediate A little -
pokemon_trainer icon
Doing okay A lot -
lucina icon shulk icon
Intermediate A lot -
palutena icon
Intermediate A large amount -
sora icon
Noob A large amount -
pikachu icon mii_brawler icon
Beginner None -
SIP | Taistealaí Kathy
kazuya icon lucas icon
Doing okay Some -
isabelle icon steve icon
Otherworldly A little -
yoshi icon sheik icon pikachu icon
Advanced A large amount -
lucario icon ryu icon ice_climbers icon
Beginner None -
link icon lucina icon fox icon
Advanced Some -
steve icon hero icon
Intermediate A lot -
zero_suit_samus icon
Beginner A little -
bonnie swag money
king_k_rool icon king_k_rool icon king_k_rool icon
Otherworldly A large amount -
bowser icon mii_brawler icon
Intermediate A little -
you aren't funny
corrin icon
Beginner Some -
corrin icon byleth icon pyra_and_mythra icon
Doing okay Some -
joker icon
Doing okay Some -
link icon pit icon toon_link icon
Doing okay Some -
lucario icon little_mac icon lucas icon
Noob Some -
steve icon king_k_rool icon ness icon
Noob Some -
MoonBlast | Kitsune
samus icon sonic icon mewtwo icon
Intermediate Some -
rosalina_and_luma icon
Beginner Some -
TR | Imeryll
wii_fit_trainer icon
Doing okay Some -
Horde | Galaxy
captain_falcon icon fox icon
Doing okay Some -
Gamer tag Region Age Gender Comment
lucario icon Jovinus wales image Wales Play GGStrive or SFVI instead lmao
bayonetta icon Iona Rose scotland image Scotland
sephiroth icon Sleeper
mario icon Jimbits
ganondorf icon Cruella de Vil!? scotland image Scotland 26 Everyday is a good day to slay
kirby icon Kenomorph north_west image North West 28 “Hiiiiiii!” - Kirby
jigglypuff icon Mayhem | casual south_east image South East 24 jigglypuff addict with no fundies @TeamMayhemSSB also fe...
snake icon kenoid
luigi icon Womblue
chrom icon Creepz
fox icon SGI_Loxley northern_ireland image Northern Ireland 25
fox icon Streakz london image London The super wok deal.
pichu icon yungcxctus south_west image South West
rob icon Misinput london image London 29 I don't compete, but definitely have more GSP than you :)...
mii_gunner icon VONC | ExKirby east_of_england image East of England 27 whomst
steve icon TooN_TooNington yorkshire_and_the_humber image Yorkshire and the Humber 19 I am notorious troll destroyer of all noobs Best hodan ...
pit icon Wiltsh
link icon Death
king_k_rool icon WRD | Frostbite east_of_england image East of England 19 can I get an amen
lucas icon OAT | nay helo :]
young_link icon Teca london image London 20
bowser icon Linkzone01 south_west image South West 23
bayonetta icon zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
bayonetta icon FubukiSnow east_of_england image East of England 17 Cute Bee fact: Bees cannot communicate through sounds as...
pokemon_trainer icon Ptr midlands image Midlands 20 Have you ever heard of melon milk ?
lucina icon Dualgas northern_ireland image Northern Ireland
palutena icon Lyto north_east image North East 29 better than tigerton
sora icon 2WDDATWSLAB | Soopah Talent? Never Heard of it.
pikachu icon zappzed scotland image Scotland 15 Female
kazuya icon SIP | Taistealaí Kathy ireland image Ireland Female
isabelle icon Ann north_east image North East 20 Female i have proper high gsp
yoshi icon Revenga wales image Wales 31 Female Quack
lucario icon Patient north_west image North West 24 Female Trans rights
link icon howl midlands image Midlands 22 Female
steve icon zombi_eb ireland image Ireland 18 Female carried
zero_suit_samus icon Rosy midlands image Midlands 25 Female
king_k_rool icon bonnie swag money scotland image Scotland 22 Female washed
bowser icon Spooky east_of_england image East of England 22 Female
corrin icon you aren't funny south_west image South West 23 Female Looking to reintegrate into the scene.
corrin icon Suzumi north_east image North East 20 Female Gay people love Hatsune Miku. TO and Seeder for Durham Un...
joker icon Flori north_west image North West 18 Female
link icon Nelly! yorkshire_and_the_humber image Yorkshire and the Humber 25 Female Link legend of Zelda <3
lucario icon Juno east_of_england image East of England 24 Female Gaming :)
steve icon NezzFinesse midlands image Midlands 18 Female To all those people who called me a sleepwalker: I woke up.
samus icon MoonBlast | Kitsune yorkshire_and_the_humber image Yorkshire and the Humber 24 Female Based, respectfully
rosalina_and_luma icon Remilia north_west image North West 20 Female
wii_fit_trainer icon TR | Imeryll midlands image Midlands Female
captain_falcon icon Horde | Galaxy 23 Female I'm tryna be the best commentator I can be, but being goo...
Gamer tag Roles
lucario icon Jovinus Content creator Player
bayonetta icon Iona Rose Player
sephiroth icon Sleeper Player
mario icon Jimbits Player
ganondorf icon Cruella de Vil!? Player Streamer
kirby icon Kenomorph Player
jigglypuff icon Mayhem | casual Content creator Player Team manager TO
snake icon kenoid Player
luigi icon Womblue Player
chrom icon Creepz Player
fox icon SGI_Loxley Player
fox icon Streakz Player
pichu icon yungcxctus Player
rob icon Misinput Player
mii_gunner icon VONC | ExKirby Caster Player
steve icon TooN_TooNington Content creator Player Streamer
pit icon Wiltsh Player
link icon Death Player TO
king_k_rool icon WRD | Frostbite Content creator Player
lucas icon OAT | nay Player
young_link icon Teca Player
bowser icon Linkzone01 Player
bayonetta icon zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
bayonetta icon FubukiSnow Player
pokemon_trainer icon Ptr Player
lucina icon Dualgas Player
palutena icon Lyto Player
sora icon 2WDDATWSLAB | Soopah Content creator News editor Player Team manager TO
pikachu icon zappzed Player
kazuya icon SIP | Taistealaí Kathy Player
isabelle icon Ann Player
yoshi icon Revenga Designer Player Streamer
lucario icon Patient Player
link icon howl Player
steve icon zombi_eb Player
zero_suit_samus icon Rosy Player
king_k_rool icon bonnie swag money Player TO
bowser icon Spooky Player
corrin icon you aren't funny Player
corrin icon Suzumi Player TO
joker icon Flori Player
link icon Nelly! Player
lucario icon Juno Player
steve icon NezzFinesse Player
samus icon MoonBlast | Kitsune Player
rosalina_and_luma icon Remilia Player
wii_fit_trainer icon TR | Imeryll Player TO
captain_falcon icon Horde | Galaxy Caster Player Streamer
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