Gamer tag Mains Self assessment XP W/L
pokemon_trainer icon byleth icon mii_brawler icon
Otherworldly A large amount -
Big Fish | BF | Colm
king_dedede icon
Advanced A lot -
inkling icon pyra_and_mythra icon joker icon
Expert A little -
steve icon falco icon sonic icon
Noob None -
Neo evans
pyra_and_mythra icon bowser_jr icon
Intermediate Some -
yoshi icon yoshi icon yoshi icon
Otherworldly Some -
Japanese Cat
pikachu icon incineroar icon greninja icon
Beginner None -
Horde | Galaxy
captain_falcon icon fox icon
Doing okay Some -
Big Boy
mr_game_and_watch icon
Beginner A large amount -
yoshi icon
Advanced A large amount -
Big Fish | RavenRabbit
chrom icon pyra_and_mythra icon
Expert A large amount -
byleth icon pokemon_trainer icon sephiroth icon
Intermediate None -
LUGES | ChainZ
pikachu icon
Professional A lot -
BSCT|RST | cram ?
wolf icon ganondorf icon
Doing okay A large amount -
FightShack | Nervz
steve icon
Noob A little -
sephiroth icon jigglypuff icon
Beginner None -
fox icon
Noob Some -
fox icon wolf icon captain_falcon icon
Doing okay None -
sephiroth icon diddy_kong icon ridley icon
Doing okay A lot -
TR | Degalla
greninja icon sephiroth icon dark_samus icon
Noob None -
captain_falcon icon random icon
Intermediate Some -
yoshi icon
Intermediate Some -
King Arthur
zero_suit_samus icon
Doing okay Some -
pyra_and_mythra icon pyra_and_mythra icon pyra_and_mythra icon
Doing okay A lot -
falco icon wolf icon
Beginner None -
isabelle icon steve icon
Otherworldly A little -
mario icon joker icon
Otherworldly A large amount -
CY | Afro
link icon
Doing okay Some -
ELS LUSH | NRequiem
shulk icon
Otherworldly None -
fox icon captain_falcon icon wolf icon
Beginner A little -
inkling icon steve icon
Otherworldly None -
CON | MaggieThatcher
lucina icon ganondorf icon greninja icon
Otherworldly A large amount -
RST TWS | Gibbo Otherworldly A large amount -
olimar icon olimar icon olimar icon
Otherworldly None -
link icon sora icon kazuya icon
Doing okay Some -
dr_mario icon rosalina_and_luma icon
Otherworldly Some -
villager icon mr_game_and_watch icon
Otherworldly A lot -
rob icon
Expert None -
LTB | piss
bowser icon bowser_jr icon olimar icon
Otherworldly None -
ganondorf icon bowser icon little_mac icon
Noob None -
TSS | Nugget
terry icon luigi icon ryu icon
Intermediate A lot -
ice_climbers icon mario icon chrom icon
Expert Some -
duck_hunt icon duck_hunt icon duck_hunt icon
Doing okay A lot -
Horde | cereal
kazuya icon ice_climbers icon
Doing okay Some -
richter icon
Advanced Some -
Playwell | FriskyCissin
inkling icon pyra_and_mythra icon roy icon
Otherworldly A large amount -
steve icon hero icon wii_fit_trainer icon
Noob None -
link icon lucina icon
Doing okay A lot -
marth icon
Noob Some -
mario icon
Beginner None -
Gamer tag Region Age Gender Comment
pokemon_trainer icon FGSC | VKC 23 Male Irish Smash T.O. Join Smash Ireland:
king_dedede icon Big Fish | BF | Colm northern_ireland image Northern Ireland 22 Male Irish King dedede main trying to get better
inkling icon Shaneak south_east image South East 17 Male I put expert because claw put expert and claw is my hero....
steve icon Komodo east_of_england image East of England 22 Male i play way more than 5 chars so here's 3 of them lmao
pyra_and_mythra icon Neo evans midlands image Midlands 19 Male I play solo pyra cuase I'm kinda wierd lol have a pocket ...
yoshi icon TGP | FAT USOPP yorkshire_and_the_humber image Yorkshire and the Humber 25 Male I play pink yoshi, suffer :)
pikachu icon Japanese Cat scotland image Scotland 19 Male I playa the smsah brother
captain_falcon icon Horde | Galaxy 22 Female I'm tryna be the best commentator I can be, but being goo...
mr_game_and_watch icon Big Boy east_of_england image East of England 24 Female I'm the biggest of boys
yoshi icon Kylethh east_of_england image East of England 31 Male I'm the best
chrom icon Big Fish | RavenRabbit northern_ireland image Northern Ireland 22 Female I'm RavenRabbit, formerly known as Winter dreams. A prett...
byleth icon Rumours south_west image South West 19 Male I’m not thattttt good at this game I guess (shout me when...
pikachu icon LUGES | ChainZ north_west image North West 21 Male I miss my wife Tails, I miss her a lot...
wolf icon BSCT|RST | cram ? scotland image Scotland 29 Other im cram
steve icon FightShack | Nervz north_west image North West 19 Male i'm Carried
sephiroth icon SulpheTIME! london image London 16 Male I'm bad I know. Seph main, working on a puff secondary
fox icon PavementPrime 24 Male I'm bad but I have fun so it's all goooooooood :D
fox icon Katahlyst east_of_england image East of England 25 Male i mash
sephiroth icon Alchemy north_east image North East 18 Female I'm an up and coming NE player and commentator and I'm lo...
greninja icon TR | Degalla midlands image Midlands 27 Male I'm alright at that streaming thing.
captain_falcon icon Muramasa_NS scotland image Scotland 18 Male im a fucking baller bro
yoshi icon Sushi wales image Wales 19 Male I love Yoshi, just trying my best :)
zero_suit_samus icon King Arthur south_west image South West Male I like cheese
pyra_and_mythra icon Kaminado south_west image South West 25 Other I just try my best tbh
falco icon SP5UK south_west image South West 21 Male I host a weekly online tournament on my twitch and play F...
isabelle icon Ann north_east image North East 19 Female i have proper high gsp
mario icon Woodpug north_west image North West 22 Male i have never been outplayed in my life
link icon CY | Afro london image London 23 Male I have an afro. Also I am from Cyprus.
shulk icon ELS LUSH | NRequiem london image London 20 Male i̸̧̛͔̗̟̣͎̳̺͙̮͍͚̻̫̙̲̲̹̯͔̻͓̪̹̳̦͗̈́̆͆́̈́̍̿̋̍͌̆̈̊̒̑̒͒̈́̌̉̔̂͘̚͘͝ͅ...
fox icon DANGANRONPAFAN yorkshire_and_the_humber image Yorkshire and the Humber 22 Other I hate danganronpa I hate danganronpa I hate danganronpa ...
blert north_west image North West 18 Male if you think you can beat me at this game your mistaken m...
lucina icon CON | MaggieThatcher scotland image Scotland Female If you ever lose to me your milk is getting snatched
RST TWS | Gibbo
scotland image Scotland 34 Male If you ever actaully see me playing smash you'll be dead ...
olimar icon Kasu london image London 19 Male if you bring a rivals setup to a tournament (preferably a...
link icon Ellroy678 north_east image North East 25 Male If I got a quid everytime I managed to take a game off Tr...
dr_mario icon Jell0 south_east image South East 18 Other i eat the banana 👍
villager icon Pjon midlands image Midlands 29 Male I dont even own this game
rob icon Misinput london image London 28 I don't compete, but definitely have more GSP than you :)...
bowser icon LTB | piss south_east image South East 18 Male i dont
ganondorf icon Oddbox south_east image South East 21 Male I do need capital. And votes. Wanna know why? "I have a d...
terry icon TSS | Nugget east_of_england image East of England 19 Male I do be gaming
ice_climbers icon Phrey midlands image Midlands 22 Male Ice Climbers high tier
duck_hunt icon TopsyTurvy south_east image South East 20 Male I am very bad
kazuya icon Horde | cereal east_of_england image East of England 19 Other i am the swaggest of swag catch me in a frog t shirt
richter icon Ire ireland image Ireland 18 Other I am SO real
inkling icon Playwell | FriskyCissin yorkshire_and_the_humber image Yorkshire and the Humber Male i am so fucking sick at this game
steve icon TooN_TooNington yorkshire_and_the_humber image Yorkshire and the Humber 18 I am notorious troll destroyer of all noobs Best hodan ...
link icon Mashy midlands image Midlands 23 Male I am not crazy! I am not crazy! I know he swapped those n...
marth icon Turi london image London 20 Male I am inside your bones
mario icon hung midlands image Midlands 20 Male I am gonna get good 👍
Gamer tag Roles
pokemon_trainer icon FGSC | VKC Caster Community editor Player Streamer TO
king_dedede icon Big Fish | BF | Colm Player
inkling icon Shaneak Player
steve icon Komodo Player
pyra_and_mythra icon Neo evans Player
yoshi icon TGP | FAT USOPP Player TO
pikachu icon Japanese Cat Content creator Player Streamer
captain_falcon icon Horde | Galaxy Caster Player Streamer
mr_game_and_watch icon Big Boy Caster Player Streamer TO
yoshi icon Kylethh Player
chrom icon Big Fish | RavenRabbit Player
byleth icon Rumours Player
pikachu icon LUGES | ChainZ Caster Player Streamer
wolf icon BSCT|RST | cram ? Player
steve icon FightShack | Nervz Player
sephiroth icon SulpheTIME! Player
fox icon PavementPrime Player
fox icon Katahlyst Player
sephiroth icon Alchemy Caster Player
greninja icon TR | Degalla Coach Designer Player Streamer TO
captain_falcon icon Muramasa_NS Player
yoshi icon Sushi Player
zero_suit_samus icon King Arthur Player
pyra_and_mythra icon Kaminado Player
falco icon SP5UK Player
isabelle icon Ann Player
mario icon Woodpug Player TO
link icon CY | Afro Player
shulk icon ELS LUSH | NRequiem Caster Community editor Content creator Player Streamer Team manager TO
fox icon DANGANRONPAFAN Player
blert Player
lucina icon CON | MaggieThatcher Player
RST TWS | Gibbo
Streamer TO
olimar icon Kasu Player TO
link icon Ellroy678 Caster Player Streamer TO
dr_mario icon Jell0 Player
villager icon Pjon Player TO
rob icon Misinput Player
bowser icon LTB | piss Player
ganondorf icon Oddbox Player
terry icon TSS | Nugget Player
ice_climbers icon Phrey Player
duck_hunt icon TopsyTurvy Player
kazuya icon Horde | cereal Player
richter icon Ire Player
inkling icon Playwell | FriskyCissin Player
steve icon TooN_TooNington Content creator Player Streamer
link icon Mashy Player
marth icon Turi Player
mario icon hung Player
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