Gamer tag Mains Self assessment XP W/L
joker icon
Doing okay Some -
RES | Venom
kirby icon ness icon
Advanced A lot -
wolf icon
Beginner A little -
Mr. J
kazuya icon rosalina_and_luma icon
Intermediate Some -
yoshi icon
Advanced Some -
pokemon_trainer icon roy icon
Intermediate A lot -
bowser icon pokemon_trainer icon
Doing okay Some -
Aura | NathanBoneCrush
joker icon diddy_kong icon kazuya icon
Intermediate A lot -
Horde | Allison!
pac_man icon
Intermediate A lot -
Faso | GalaxyEJ
ness icon pichu icon joker icon
Intermediate A large amount -
mewtwo icon fox icon ridley icon
Intermediate Some -
ike icon kirby icon byleth icon
Advanced A large amount -
falco icon
Advanced A lot -
ness icon
Advanced A lot -
joker icon
Otherworldly Some -
inkling icon roy icon robin icon
Beginner A large amount -
snake icon
Noob A lot -
lucas icon
Beginner None -
mario icon mario icon mario icon
Intermediate None -
link icon lucina icon fox icon
Advanced Some -
TR | Imeryll
wii_fit_trainer icon
Doing okay Some -
snake icon cloud icon random icon
Intermediate None -
joker icon inkling icon hero icon
Doing okay A little -
robin icon hero icon ganondorf icon
Advanced A lot -
greninja icon greninja icon greninja icon
Doing okay Some -
Mayhem | Mmoose
diddy_kong icon
Intermediate None -
kazuya icon byleth icon joker icon
Advanced None -
bowser icon
Advanced None -
joker icon zelda icon snake icon
Doing okay None -
TTD | TLS | Harri
samus icon dark_samus icon
Intermediate None -
lucina icon kirby icon
Doing okay Some -
dark_samus icon steve icon samus icon
Doing okay A little -
link icon samus icon corrin icon
Intermediate None -
SSM | Luma-nati
rosalina_and_luma icon incineroar icon
Doing okay A large amount -
fox icon zero_suit_samus icon diddy_kong icon
Doing okay A little -
Dr. Bill Smith
joker icon falco icon inkling icon
Intermediate Some -
kazuya icon terry icon
Advanced None -
pikachu icon rosalina_and_luma icon
Doing okay Some -
marth icon captain_falcon icon donkey_kong icon
Advanced None -
ganondorf icon bowser icon wario icon
Advanced None -
piranha_plant icon dark_pit icon
Beginner None -
FightShack | PizzaTime
kazuya icon terry icon bowser icon
Advanced Some -
DHG | IronDan
king_dedede icon meta_knight icon donkey_kong icon
Doing okay Some -
marth icon ken icon sora icon
Advanced None -
pit icon pokemon_trainer icon joker icon
Intermediate A little -
kazuya icon king_k_rool icon wolf icon
Advanced None -
piranha_plant icon byleth icon zelda icon
Intermediate None -
. Beginner None -
SSM | Tigerton
byleth icon roy icon
Advanced A large amount -
lucario icon
Noob A little -
Gamer tag Region Age Gender Comment
joker icon Flori north_west image North West 17 Female
kirby icon RES | Venom london image London 20 Male
wolf icon MiniMo north_east image North East 25 Male
kazuya icon Mr. J south_west image South West 24 Male
yoshi icon Andi scotland image Scotland 21 Male
pokemon_trainer icon MiCroE south_east image South East 20 Male
bowser icon RobnFeather midlands image Midlands Other
joker icon Aura | NathanBoneCrush scotland image Scotland 17 Male
pac_man icon Horde | Allison! south_west image South West 24 Female
ness icon Faso | GalaxyEJ 22 Male
mewtwo icon Wangers north_west image North West 20 Male
ike icon G-P east_of_england image East of England 30 Male
falco icon Azalea east_of_england image East of England 16 Male
ness icon BrowBoy midlands image Midlands 23 Male
joker icon JKLeo london image London 15 Male
inkling icon Brian ireland image Ireland 24 Male
snake icon lily Female
lucas icon Tethys wales image Wales 24 Male
mario icon Loopy north_east image North East 19 Male
link icon howl midlands image Midlands 21 Female
wii_fit_trainer icon TR | Imeryll midlands image Midlands Female
snake icon kenoid
joker icon Mago1211 midlands image Midlands 14 Male
robin icon WeedWizard yorkshire_and_the_humber image Yorkshire and the Humber 19 Male
greninja icon Command north_east image North East 15 Male
diddy_kong icon Mayhem | Mmoose south_east image South East 16 Male
kazuya icon CoolGuy69 scotland image Scotland 19 Male
bowser icon Jhorx london image London 27 Male
joker icon Kaycee midlands image Midlands Male
samus icon TTD | TLS | Harri 15 Male
lucina icon pengz north_west image North West 19 Other
dark_samus icon Noventia scotland image Scotland 19 Male
link icon Mason north_west image North West 21 Male
rosalina_and_luma icon SSM | Luma-nati yorkshire_and_the_humber image Yorkshire and the Humber 26 Male
fox icon SGI_Loxley northern_ireland image Northern Ireland 24
joker icon Dr. Bill Smith midlands image Midlands 20 Male
kazuya icon ChickenJoe london image London 14 Male
pikachu icon Galleta Other
marth icon Cosmic east_of_england image East of England 22 Male
ganondorf icon MarioOMG_Mario east_of_england image East of England Male
piranha_plant icon Spurdell south_west image South West 22 Male
kazuya icon FightShack | PizzaTime wales image Wales 19 Male
king_dedede icon DHG | IronDan ireland image Ireland 21 Male
marth icon KingCoxIII london image London 24 Male
pit icon Wiltsh
kazuya icon Blu3_blur 17 Female
piranha_plant icon Furball london image London 29 Other
byleth icon SSM | Tigerton north_west image North West 26 Male
lucario icon Gem north_west image North West 30 Male
Gamer tag Roles
joker icon Flori Player
kirby icon RES | Venom Player
wolf icon MiniMo Player TO
kazuya icon Mr. J Player Streamer
yoshi icon Andi Player
pokemon_trainer icon MiCroE Player
bowser icon RobnFeather Player
joker icon Aura | NathanBoneCrush Player
pac_man icon Horde | Allison! Player TO
ness icon Faso | GalaxyEJ Player
mewtwo icon Wangers Player
ike icon G-P Caster Coach Player Streamer TO
falco icon Azalea Player
ness icon BrowBoy Player
joker icon JKLeo Player
inkling icon Brian Player TO
snake icon lily Player
lucas icon Tethys Player
mario icon Loopy Player
link icon howl Player
wii_fit_trainer icon TR | Imeryll Player TO
snake icon kenoid Player
joker icon Mago1211 Player
robin icon WeedWizard Player
greninja icon Command Player
diddy_kong icon Mayhem | Mmoose Player
kazuya icon CoolGuy69 Player
bowser icon Jhorx Player
joker icon Kaycee Player
samus icon TTD | TLS | Harri Player
lucina icon pengz Player
dark_samus icon Noventia Player
link icon Mason Player
rosalina_and_luma icon SSM | Luma-nati Admin Community editor Designer Player Streamer TO
fox icon SGI_Loxley Player
joker icon Dr. Bill Smith Player
kazuya icon ChickenJoe Player
pikachu icon Galleta Player
marth icon Cosmic Player
ganondorf icon MarioOMG_Mario Player
piranha_plant icon Spurdell Player
kazuya icon FightShack | PizzaTime Player
king_dedede icon DHG | IronDan Caster Player
marth icon KingCoxIII Player
pit icon Wiltsh Player
kazuya icon Blu3_blur Player
piranha_plant icon Furball Player
byleth icon SSM | Tigerton Admin Community editor News editor Player Streamer TO
lucario icon Gem Player
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