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We are a fairly new org, primarily run by Spookylittleman and Wilf, but along with those 2 fantastic players. we have Trillbi, a Roy/DK who has been a prevalent player in the NE since the start of the scene. WWH who has been fairly quiet in the offline scene but has recently picked up Joker and we suspect he'll be making moves in the near future. Whiskey, a very skilled Wii fit main who is slowly getting into offlines and has played very well in the brackets he has done. Memester06, a Marth/Cloud main who has alot of untapped potential due to lack of offline experience but will be entering offline tourneys in the future. IDoctorPP, a DK specialist from SoCal who's advantage state rivals that of PR'd players. Naim, an Inkling/Olimar main who doesn't really take the game seriously but the vibes he brings are unmatched. Sekai, a Hero/Robin main when his wifi isnt terrible his ability to zone is that of a Min Min main. Beshmel, a jack of all trades but seems to have settled on Falcon, the legend of the falcon punch in bracket lives on with this one. Bep, a Diddy specialist who's ability to press buttons and pray it works is that of a hero main playing in a language they just don't quite understand. Well that was a little intro to our players, we're mainly here to vibe, have fun and pick up some results on the way.
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Twiddly Team manager


Gamer tag Mains Points W/L
LTB | Spookylittleman
sonic icon
0 -
TKO | Trillbi
roy icon donkey_kong icon
0 -
joker icon sora icon
0 -
LTB | iDoctorPP
donkey_kong icon mario icon pokemon_trainer icon
0 -
LTB | Wilf
link icon sheik icon
0 -
LTB | Beshmel
captain_falcon icon jigglypuff icon joker icon
0 -
LTB | Bep
ridley icon diddy_kong icon mii_brawler icon
0 -
LTB | Sekai
hero icon robin icon chrom icon
0 -
LTB | Memester06
marth icon cloud icon
0 -
LTB | WhiskeySSBU
wii_fit_trainer icon greninja icon
0 -
LTB | Twiddly
zero_suit_samus icon byleth icon
0 -
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