Gamer tag Mains Self assessment XP W/L
Mania | Metros
lucas icon
Doing okay Some -
olimar icon olimar icon olimar icon
Otherworldly None -
joker icon inkling icon
Advanced A lot -
robin icon hero icon ganondorf icon
Advanced A lot -
TR | Degalla
greninja icon sephiroth icon dark_samus icon
Noob None -
TKO | Trillbi
roy icon donkey_kong icon
Advanced A lot -
robin icon samus icon dark_samus icon
Intermediate A large amount -
mewtwo icon fox icon ridley icon
Intermediate Some -
bowser icon
Advanced None -
palutena icon
Intermediate A large amount -
ness icon
Advanced A lot -
SHZ | Octave
pac_man icon
Advanced A lot -
TND | Zenatti
pyra_and_mythra icon
Noob A lot -
pikachu icon
Expert Some -
inkling icon roy icon robin icon
Beginner A large amount -
fox icon greninja icon cloud icon
Intermediate Some -
pichu icon
Doing okay Some -
rob icon duck_hunt icon
Intermediate Some -
wario icon olimar icon young_link icon
Doing okay A lot -
lucario icon
Noob A little -
jigglypuff icon jigglypuff icon jigglypuff icon
Doing okay Some -
SSM | Junko
byleth icon pichu icon wolf icon
Doing okay A large amount -
ike icon kirby icon byleth icon
Advanced A large amount -
SSM | Tigerton
byleth icon roy icon
Advanced A large amount -
SSM | Luma-nati
rosalina_and_luma icon incineroar icon
Doing okay A large amount -
Gamer tag Region Age Gender Comment
lucas icon Mania | Metros south_east image South East 25 Male Yes 😃 Let's go ! 😁 (x4) Let's go Southampton ! 😈 (...)...
olimar icon Kasu london image London 20 Male if you bring a rivals setup to a tournament (preferably a...
joker icon zeroya south_west image South West 21 Male shieldgrab hater
robin icon WeedWizard yorkshire_and_the_humber image Yorkshire and the Humber 20 Male
greninja icon TR | Degalla midlands image Midlands 28 Male I'm alright at that streaming thing.
roy icon TKO | Trillbi north_east image North East 24 Other They/Them. Roy and DK with experience in Fox. Head Tourna...
robin icon Samuroleon south_west image South West 25 Male better at mario odyssey and rayman legends than you
mewtwo icon Wangers north_west image North West 21 Male
bowser icon Jhorx london image London 28 Male
palutena icon Lyto north_east image North East 29 better than tigerton
ness icon BrowBoy midlands image Midlands 24 Male
pac_man icon SHZ | Octave scotland image Scotland 21 Male Hi I'm Octave. Scottish (Glasgow) Pac Man player sponsore...
pyra_and_mythra icon TND | Zenatti midlands image Midlands 21 Male Toaster Bath?
pikachu icon Adivian midlands image Midlands 34 Male
inkling icon Brian ireland image Ireland 25 Male
fox icon KaiLe north_west image North West 21 Male
pichu icon caxx 23 Male hi im caxx
rob icon Lumen scotland image Scotland 25 Male carried and proud of it
wario icon menis75 midlands image Midlands 22 Male
lucario icon Gem north_west image North West 31 Male
jigglypuff icon NP8 scotland image Scotland 19 Male
byleth icon SSM | Junko east_of_england image East of England 27 Male
ike icon G-P east_of_england image East of England 31 Male
byleth icon SSM | Tigerton north_west image North West 27 Male
rosalina_and_luma icon SSM | Luma-nati yorkshire_and_the_humber image Yorkshire and the Humber 27 Male
Gamer tag Roles
lucas icon Mania | Metros Player Team manager TO
olimar icon Kasu Player TO
joker icon zeroya Player
robin icon WeedWizard Player
greninja icon TR | Degalla Coach Designer Player Streamer TO
roy icon TKO | Trillbi Caster Player Streamer TO
robin icon Samuroleon Player
mewtwo icon Wangers Player
bowser icon Jhorx Player
palutena icon Lyto Player
ness icon BrowBoy Player
pac_man icon SHZ | Octave Player Streamer
pyra_and_mythra icon TND | Zenatti Caster Content creator Player
pikachu icon Adivian Player
inkling icon Brian Player TO
fox icon KaiLe Player
pichu icon caxx Player TO
rob icon Lumen Player
wario icon menis75 Player
lucario icon Gem Player
jigglypuff icon NP8 Player
byleth icon SSM | Junko Admin Player TO
ike icon G-P Caster Coach Player Streamer TO
byleth icon SSM | Tigerton Admin Community editor News editor Player Streamer TO
rosalina_and_luma icon SSM | Luma-nati Admin Community editor Designer Player Streamer TO
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